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What I learned from my day of fame on reddit

A site of my own that I submitted to Reddit, made the front page. It has made me a Reddit rock star, and I have to share this experience with all my fans and aspiring Reddit rock stars. A few years ago I put up a web site demonstrating the Forer/Barnum effect of subjective validation. Yes, it sounds boring and obscure. I decided to submit it to Reddit to increase the amount of participants for analysis, but to also raise further awareness of subjective validation. Oh, and to become famous. Here is what I have learned from this experience. Will the traffic flood your server? Not really, I'd say, unless perhaps you're hosting it from home on your ADSL connection and have a page full of large images. In my case the average visit took about 60k of data and at the time of writing I've done under 300Mb of outgoing traffic on the site since it was released to the Reddit scene. It was also reasonably spread out, even when it was number 4 on the front page I only got about 15 n