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Primitive understanding of money

"Money is a man made creation and in itself worth nothing. Why are we compelled to affix price tags to everything?" I'm going to try to explain: Money is just our convenient measure of the worth of things. It's a bit like saying gallons aren't worth anything, but at the same time more gallons of fuel are worth more than less gallons of fuel. Perhaps some people might benefit by having a fresh look at money to realise why we measure things in this way. Some people have a very simplistic view of money and of economics in general. The kind of view you develop when you're a child in your parents' house. Your mother is the source of a cake and other such treats, and if your brother gets more of the cake it means there is less cake for you. All pocket money and decisions about freedom comes from your parents, and you grow up to realise the importance of some of the rules they have established with you when you were young, like not letting you run acros