Don't Pirate, Support Alternatives

People just consider the marginal cost of the media when they steal it and don't consider it as theft. But most of the cost is for the licence, you've stolen a piece of data, just like one can steal an idea or steal a name or steal a title. You don't deprive the owner of the item, but you do deprive him of the value of your extra copy.
If I steal your idea without your permission and implement it and gain from it, without giving you your cut, then I have deprived you from those gains.

What really disgusts me is when people justify piracy this way as their means to acquire material if they don't agree with the price and distribution mechanism. That's the same kind of thinking as that of a thief, a thief doesn't want to pay the price of something so steals it instead. That is bad for everyone. If one is really angry at the movie, music and software production and distribution industry or their prices and media, stop consuming their stuff.

For example, it's better to switch to Linux than pirate a copy of Windows. If you pirate a copy of Windows you create a dependence on the product with the bad price and distribution method, where you will land yourself in a position where you have to purchase the product anyway. If you switch to Linux and throw your support behind it instead, you're contributing to an improved alternative, Linux grows, gets better and beat Windows.

Stop listening to big music record label chart noise and rather support artists that offer you their music through distribution methods you agree with instead.  There's a darn lot of good music out there like that, and the big record labels will lose your business and learn to adapt or go out of business.  If you pirate the chart rubbish instead then you develop a dependence on formula music and at some stage will cough up for their music, shows, merchandise or be influenced by it if they're used in advertising.

Do your bit.  Support Linux, eMusic, Spotify, Rdio and Netflix.


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